Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I have been a lax and slightly-overwhelmed-with-life blogger. But I'm back - maybe not on track- but still trying! What life has thrown at me since my last post in September is irrelevant really but here's some of the highlights!
1. January Snow-pocalypse! In the Northwest, down in my cozy nook at the bottom of the Puget Sound, we endured an intense (for us) snow storm of monumental proportions. At my house we were lucky to be out of power for only four days. Others didn't have power return for nearly two weeks. My boss was out for that amount of time due to a neighbor's tree taking out her power box (smashed it to bits!). There's still (even four months later) piles of debris and as I write this blog, my hubby is going out to remove some more branches from the wilderness parts of our property.
 2. The February engine disaster - my car is kaput. Luckily, I have a spare one to drive until my main one is fixed. However, it will be $5000 later. OI!
3. Dear Daughter turned 21 and I threw her a bash. Lots of planning into a cocktail party at Christmas time! It was a success and I wish I had pics but I do not. I had the silver and linens out. Worked from a sort of luxe Mad Men theme where we had eggnog and spiced punch (since it was December) and lots of hors d'ouveres, including little chicken skewers and a fantastic meat plate with garlic crusted salami (drool!).
4. As my car died, I was in the midst of rethinking my furniture/deco in my living room and also in my husband's T.V./computer room. We are still transitioning from some pieces of furniture to others. Craig's List has been wonderful for clearing out the old furniture but I still have a toddler table and an Ikea shelving and entertainment unit to sell. However, I have discovered a new love of the used furniture store, Furniture Works, in our eclectic downtown area. I purchased a beautiful bookcase with doors to replace another bookcase that I had in my living room. The bookcase that I replaced was beautiful but very misplaced in my design scheme. It sold within a day on Craigslist because it was very nice. But my new one is streamlined and fits better with my more eclectic and modern living room.
Me at the beginning of our January Snow-pocalypse!
So there it is! I've missed you, my loyal two or three readers! LOL!

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