Monday, August 10, 2009

A Shout Out to the Lancome Blog and Jennifer Weiner

I won a contest the other day. Yeah. Yeah. But this one was special. I just love the Lancome Blog! It is one of the blogs that I am consistent about reading. When I subscribed to it, I was worried that it would be another 'pimp the product' blog. But under the guidance of Kerry Diamond, the blog is so much more. Not only do readers get to read about Lancome's products but often there are musings such as the dedication to John Hughes and Pretty in Pink. I was lucky enough to win the pictured goodies - a signed copy of Jennifer Weiner's new book, Best Friends Forever and some little extras which I am so excited about!!!! I absolutely adore the Juicy Tube Pure and have worn it everyday! It's the perfect natural color.

Thanks to Jennifer for signing the book. I can't wait to read it since you are one of my FAV authors. Now I have to take the book off my Amazon wish list!

And thanks to Kerry Diamond, not only for the goodies but for the quality fun blog! I used to have the same opinion as your intern that Lancome was sort of an older brand but I've seen that for the past year Lancome has blossomed and I am a convert. Kerry, it is due to your blog...which is so much fun. Thanks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Delightful Handbag Fashion at the Portland Sock Summit

On Friday, I was happy enough to accompany my BFF down to Portland, Oregon to the Sock Summit. I was one of the few non-knitters in attendance but still had fun. There are some pretty cool things about knitters. First, they are very nice people. We met some wonderful new friends and had great conversations. Also, there were delicious color palettes of yarns. I won't even begin to review yarns but as a fashionista, I was dazzled just by the incredible color variations! Last, knitters carry awesome bags. These are totes and handbags that are made to hold many things. From little project bags to huge luggage sized totes, there was plenty to keep a handbag maven occupied. A few sellers in the marketplace caught my eye and so this blog post is dedicated to them.

Ja Ja Ja Purses

For an eclectic and budget conscious person, a Ja Ja Ja purse would make a great addition to any wardrobe but there are even more pluses. Ja Ja Ja is a no-waste green company. All of their purses are made with recycled, reclaimed fabrics. Each handbag is unique and personalized. I purchased the Florence (which does not seem to be available over their website). An over the shoulder bag, it has plenty of pockets. Mine was made with bits and pieces of upholstery fabric in a seaside theme. However, despite the ocean theme, as you can see by the pics, it has a very graphic nature. The bags are lined and mine has a semi-solid base. I liked this style because it was versatile. I plan on using it for a lunch bag because of it's wide base. It fastens with a snap. None of the bags have zippers because JaJaJa has not found a manufacturer or way to reclaim zippers without causing waste. There are plenty of styles available from totes that are so large they create their own orbit to small dainty pockets (they give them away with their business cards so that all the scraps are used - remember NO waste). There is plenty of potential for this lovely green handbag company. The company employs six seamstresses and one seamster. They will take fabric that you provide and work with you to create a one of a kind, personalized bag. Their etsy store currently has nothing for sale but the website has plenty of offerings. However, if you find nothing to your liking and are looking for something specific, I would shoot them an email. They are easy to work with and very willing to listen.

Queen Bee Creations & Chickpea Baby

With an incredibly designed website and an even more incredible eye for handbag design, Queen Bee Creations had the one bag that I drooled over for the entire conference. I didn't purchase it but it is on my list of WANT. To be released for the Fall line, this lovely tote (or one very similar to it) was my favorite of the line. Instead of recycling existing fabrics, Queen Bee creates new fabrics with green recycle processes. So the grey wool that you see is Re-Wool or recycled wool. It has a nubby texture with bits of other colors but mostly grey. As you can see, Queen Bee has an appreciation for nature, showing leaves, flowers, and birds with a graphic, modern eye that I appreciate. This bag is large and could carry nearly everything that I take to work every day (and then some). The sides fold in for a more streamlined look. What I like about this line is that it is not fussy, fashion conscious, and modern. Take a look at her PVC line (they call it Fleather!) as well. For biker chic and literally bike bags, this is a fantastic, fashionable company! I will be back to purchase a bag in the fall.

Namaste Inc.

Wow! The colors and designs of these bags are just gorgeous. Since fall is about jewel tones, Namaste bags offer a great selection of colors in animal friendly, fashion forward environment. I want all their bags. My friend owns two of their bags and just loves them. She bought the Zuma and the Hermosa in beautiful colors, eggplant and peacock respectively. The Zuma is great because it can open up wide and holds a mass amount of stuff. For my own future purchasing, I was especially dazzled by the mini clutch and it's organization system. It will be hard to decide which color I'd like to order. I also really liked the Newport but it appears to be limited to two color and possibly part of the summer collection. However, since my favorite purses are doctor's bags, it is no surprise that this one attracted me. These are well made bags, look great, and despite the obvious slant towards knitters in the accessory section, I was eagerly thinking about what I could do with each piece - pens and sunglasses need a place to go after all! Despite the horrible stereotypes about fake leather, these are quality bags and seem to age well. My friend's Zuma has been used for several months and never fails to impress me when I see it. The bags are reasonably priced, the highest being $85 for the Hermosa. Namaste was definitely a favorite at the Sock Summit. I saw several knitters toting the bags and tons of the most adorable accessory that Namaste makes, the Buddy case (which I also want by the way!).

These handbag companies represent eco-conscious and budget friendly ways to accessorize. Enjoy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Manicure of the Week O.P.I Party in My Cabana

Ok, ignore the little chip out of my pinkie nail. That just happened this morning. Sigh.

I must have been inspired by the geraniums on my back patio because this was the color that I chose this week!