Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Favorite Lipsticks

You can ask anyone in my very small circle of friends. I love lipstick. No lip gloss for this girl (well, occasionally, I confess!). But my lipstick organizer is full and has lipsticks stacked on top (and that's not even including the ones that are in my purse!). Often, I keep lipstick for way longer than I should just because I like that color. Right now, I have several favorite summer lipsticks. By way of disclaimer, I am not sure of the SPF in any of these lipsticks and I always make sure that I have some SPF protection in addition to my lipstick.

1. M.A.C. Style Warrior Sunsational -Probably one of the most blogged about collections, M.A.C. has converted me finally. A super deal ($14) for a quality product. The packaging is a bit cheesy but then what fashionsta doesn't like a little animal print on her make-up tubes? The stick inside is glam all the way - a fantastic gold, unlike any color I've owned, it really does look like sunshine on your lips. But I still have a hard time going into a M.A.C. store.
2. Chanel Aqualumiere Key West - This one is SPF 15 and the color was limited edition. However, there are some beautiful colors on the Chanel website that I wouldn't mind owning as well. By far the best formula from Chanel, Aqualumiere balances color with moisture nicely. I forgot that I bought this lipstick. When I was changing purses, I found it....what a score! I can't live without it now. The color of sparkling sand....it's like a beautiful beach.
3. Guerlain Kiss Kiss - The most moisture rich lipsticks that I own, they is also the most lux to smooth on your lips. Both of the colors that I own are browns (A Jamais Brun and Bois D'Amour) which makes them perfectly compliment my darker sun kissed skin. I gave you the Sephora link however, these can also be purchased at any Guerlain counter. I purchased them at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. I will probably have to purchase more soon because I am wearing these down to the bottom of the tube (definitely a sign of addiction).
4. L'Oreal Colour Riche Eva's (Longoria) Caramel - It is actually more of a sheer color than indicated in the picture. I like the natural look and crave the moisture of this lipstick. It has just a bit of sparkle in the caramel which gives it the ability to transfer from day to night with just the right au natural spirit.

What's your FAV summer lipstick?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My new Sak Crossbody Bag

I have to brag. After months of searching for a nice handbag, getting ready to commit to one other the other and then backing away because a) various design flaws b) the price c) cheap materials, I settled on the Sak. I shouldn't use the word settled though because that implies that I gave up something. The Sak is one of the most under-rated brands on the market, especially the leather handbags. Functional and beautiful, my persimmon crossbody bag is constructed of vibrant, soft distressed leather. The inside is a gorgeous as the outside with a brown African style print linen. The hardware (strap rings and buckles) is heavy, matte steel that does not overwhelm the overall appearance of the bag. This particular model is full of nifty surprises, including a flap that unzips and goes the entire length of the bag incase you want to expand the purse. I use it to keep my unmentionables and anything that I want away from prying hands. The zipper is gracefully accented with a braided to pull for ease of use. The flap does not buckle however I have had very few incidents where contents have escaped from the bag. The two front pockets are snug and the buckles seal with a magnetic snap. Lined with suede, they make nice containers for your cell phone or lipstick. Most handbags on the market currently do not have long wide straps which makes for difficult carrying. Tough to swing over shoulder while on the go, they rest on the crook of your arm or with a huge mass tucked up against your side. Neither ways appealed to me and with upcoming summer events, I knew I'd be at the market, in the library, on the go and in need of a bag that could follow me with ease. The Sak has a wide strap, long enough to (as the name suggests) put across your body without much strain on your shoulder. I tend to just toss it on my shoulder and go. My only complaint (and it's a very small one) is that the strap is not adjustable because I am short and the bag falls a little low on my hip. The most amazing thing (beside the appearance of this bag - it is truly gorgeous) is that I can always find things in it! Even when something does sink to the bottom, it's very easy to reach in a grab it. Shockingly, I could not find this bag on Sak's website. However, it is available through Nordstrom. It seems to no longer be available in persimmon but the saffron is just as beautiful.