Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vogue Front Row Fashion Bellevue

Kate Spade Cardigan

I am totally psyched to attend this year's Vogue Front Row Fashion show in Bellevue again this year! Having attended for a few years now, it is one of my all time favorite fashion events of the Northwest! Unfortunately, my BFF won't be attending with me. The cost is high and while we love to go, it nearly came down on the financial chopping block for me as well. But one of my favorite parts is blogging about all the gorgeous fashion that I see coming down the runway for Fall, like one of my FAVs from last year, the gorgeous Kate Spade cardigan in the picture above.

My goals for this year; Take better pictures. I would live tweet but I can never get service in the ballroom. Eat, drink, and be merry (which might mean conning my hubby to be my designated driver - lol). And with my new Instagram feed, I just might share some awesome pics as well.

If you are curious about the show, here's my blog from last year! I can't wait to bring you a new blog post this year!

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Hazel Schreiner said...

WOW! It sounds completely fabulous! And I am entirely jealous. Have a fantastic time, and make sure you have a champers for me!

:) Hazel