Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OnGossamer PJ's

I may be a little late to the game but recently I picked up a PJ set by OnGossamer at Costco. I normally don't like to buy clothing at Costco because every one will be wearing it later. I have two Costco's in driving distance. Who wants to see the exact same Ed Hardy shirt twenty times during the day? I will admit that Costco does carry some fantastic, solid designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ed Hardy. However, with PJ's who cares? I was initially drawn in by the henna art, a scrolling white vine print that graces the neckline and side of the shirt. In addition, they are incredibly soft without being fluffy or thick. The material while thin is not cheap feeling (you know that mass produced penny a foot type of t-shirt material?). I particularly like the marriage of comfort and style. I have been nursing along 20 year old college shirts and flannel bottoms. Not sexy. Their website seems to indicate that the company's primary focus is on bras and panties. OnGossamer seems to specialize in bras and underwear that take technology and beauty in women's lingerie to new heights, as evidenced by their luxery liner underwear. This technology focus is in all of their products. I was very happy to wash my henna art pajamas and not get any shrinkage because of the polyester content. But at the same time, it doesn't feel like I am wearing polyester. The plus is that your boy toy will want to touch you. These pj's just encourage heavy petting! Buy through Nordstrom or Dillards (if you want the PJ's). Bare Necessities and Bluefly also sell OnGossamer but tend to mainly offer bras and panties (not that it's a problem!). I could not find the henna art pajamas that I purchased offered on any website. If you have a Costco in your locality, run down there right now and snatch them up in all of the delicious colors (peach, mint, and baby blue).