Monday, March 16, 2009

Stila Precious Pearls Palette

I have been obsessively into eyeshadow palettes. So far I only have two new ones but I can tell that this is a slippery slope between 2 and 20. I splurged last pay day and bought the Stila Precious Pearls Palette. At Sephora, it retails for $40 which seems high but I looked at all the colors and thought, "YES!" I needed a palette with fresh spring colors and the beautiful shell tiled compact fit the bill. This is a high quality compact, heavy metal styling and smooth, rich mother-of-pearl tiles across the top. It's a work of art. My first thought was that I needed a new bathroom to show it off (any excuse, right?). OR at least, a new purse to carry it in! The colors are lovely, each showcased on their own. But the most disappointing thing about this compact is that they do not blend well. By this, I mean that the colors are not all picked to coordinate. The pinks are contrary (one a dusty, gold rose and the other a cool, cupcake pink). On the lid, they don't look so bad together though. I was pleasantly surprised to put the pale pink on today and find that it shimmers much more than in the palette. However, so far, the pearly white does not pack quite the promise of the Sephora description. I haven't noticed the gold finish yet. In the palette, the blue is gorgeous. On the lid, not so much, but I have received compliments while wearing it so perhaps I am being too hard. The brown is spectacular as is the green but I have taken to wearing them as a stand alone colors because they are difficult to coordinate. Staying power for this shadow isn't bad, no more or less than any other shadow. It does powder quite easily. I wear it with a base which I would recommend for any shadow. But make sure it is a pale base otherwise it seems to diminish the light reflecting bits of pearl in the shadows. It's a win for Stila. I would pick up one while you still can!