Sunday, April 17, 2011

Test Post

Hi! I'm trying a new app to post to blogger! It's been an adventure trying to post from my IPad but with this great app, I think I might finally have it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

butter London No More Waity Katie!

In excitement for the royal wedding and probably the minute it hit shelves, I ordered butter London's No More Waity Katie! From the lovely ladies at my all time favorite site, B-glowing. But it wasn't until today that I had time to do a manicure. I don't typically do nail polish reviews. But here's some swatches of No More Waity, Katie! To get us all in the mood for a royal wedding. It also seemed an apropos way to christen the IPad with the first blog post from it! Yay! Of course, that is not without issues. There is apparently NO way to get blogger to connect with my photos! Hahaha!

It's not a perfect system. But there is a lovely unedited pic sprawling across the blog! Now I just have to learn to edit (ok, ok, it's not the best photograph either!). Have a fashionable weekend! I will be spending tomorrow afternoon at Seattle's Cupcake Camp! It really is a fashionable life!