Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts for Erogenous Zones

If you are looking to spoil your lady for Valentine's Day by tickling, teasing, and tempting her erogenous zones, try some of these ideas! As we historians know, when the concepts of beauty and sex change over time, so does fashion which highlights those areas on the body thought to bring forth carnal desire. For example, Victorians loved shoulders and waists, designing the tight corsets and dropped sleeves to emphasize those desirable regions. (As shown to the right in Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting of Jeanne Samary) And don't forget the slender ankle, which poked out from their hemlines, naughty and exposed for the young men to swoon from desire!

In Western society today, the neck, lips, breasts, or wrists are often thought to be zones of desire and pleasure. Perhaps they are literally erogenous zones on some people, sensitive and producing the desired effect during foreplay. Or perhaps not. In some cases, erogenous zones are based on socialization. Either way, literal or perceived, if you want to please your sweetheart on Valentine's day, why not put together a gift bag of pleasure? Design this treasure trove with objects that can caress her even when you aren't available. Now, I am going to keep this post PG but I wouldn't keep your gift bag necessarily PC! After all, a successful relationship should be healthy in bed!

For the nape of her neck and plunging down towards her breasts, try this beautiful bird by one of my absolutely favorite jewelry designers, Alexis Bittar. Bittar makes not only this delightful bird but other sexy necklaces as well such as his Organic Link necklace in Venetian red, encrusted with jewels. Alexis Bitter collections are available both at Amazon (my links) and Nordstrom. For even more neck exposure, give her a beautiful, decorative hair clip from Elegant Hair Accessories. My favorite is linked here, a glitzy and yet practical way for me to show off my slender neck to my hubby!

Remember the Victorian passion for small waists? Don't ignore this sexy part of the body, considered the key to womanhood for centuries. Corsets don't just go under clothes any more either. In a variety of colors, materials, and sex appeal, corsets can be worn under and jacket for a trendy and yet sophisticated look. Simply chic corsets and bustier tops can be found in a variety of stores including H&M and Charlotte Russe. If you are looking for something a bit more naughty, Lingerie Diva is a fantastic shopping site but for the adult! While you may not get to the desired Scarlett O'Hara waist measurement from your corset (no one should!) , you will get the lovely contours that a corset applies to both waist and bust!

A secret erogenous zone on a woman is the inside of her wrist. Don't ignore it because it can be a powerful arousal tool for her by blowing on it gently but it can be used to create arousal for you as well. Find her favorite perfume in rollerball form. This can be not only a handy purse item for her (which she will appreciate) but it can be the key to applying a deliciously sexy scent to the tender skin inside her wrist. This will tease you during the day or at dinner as she coyly moves her wrist by you. If you are unsure of which fragrance she would prefer, Sephora offers a refillable rollerball so that she can just insert her own favorite scent!

Don't forget one of the most neglected erogenous zones on a woman, her mind! Don't let that Nook or Kindle that you bought her for Christmas go to waste. Buy her sexy, romantic stories that will be sure to put her in the mood. And if you didn't get her a Kindle or Nook, you can still download the software for both systems onto her laptop (for FREE!) and buy her some reading materials. From the complete illustrated works of Jane Austen to Violet Blue's How to Kiss, you can pay as little as $3 to $10 for books that are sure to put her in a loving mood. Even if she's not a reader, you can tickle her mind with a playlist of her favorite songs on her MP3 player. Think of those heart pumping melodies that instantly set a sexy vibe. From Kings of Leon to the Dear John soundtrack, your rock and roll sweetheart will thank you for bringing a song to her heart.

Good luck! And Happy Valentine's Day!